P. Tuchapskii – Iz perezhitogo (1922)

author: Tuchapskii, Pavel Lukich, 1869-1922
title: Из пережитого. Девяностые годы [From Experience. The Nineties]
published: Odessa : Gosudarstvennoe Izdatel’stvo Ukrainy
year: 1922
pages: 72
language: Russian
scan: pdf, 72 pages, full color, OCR, 21 mb
download link: here

info: Pavel Tuchapskii was a Ukrainian revolutionary nationalist who became a Marxist and a founding member of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party. These are his recollections of the 1890s, published in Soviet Ukraine in 1922 shortly after his death. They deal with his early dedication to the Ukrainian “national cause”, first arrests (including some very entertaining stories) and his conversion to Marxism.

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Kommunisty Zapada o Sovetskoi Rossii (1918)

title: Коммунисты Запада о Совѣтской Россiи. Сборникъ статей Ф. Меринга, К. Цеткинъ, Глашатая въ борьбѣ, А. Балабановой и др. борцовъ революцiи на Западѣ [Communists of the West on Soviet Russia. Articles by F. Mehring, C. Zetkin, ‘Herald in the Struggle’, A. Balabanoff and other fighters for the revolution in the West]
published: Moskva : Izdatel’stvo VTsIK
year: 1918
pages: 50
language: Russian
scan: pdf, 52 pages, OCR, 17.8 mb
download link: here

info: When the Bolsheviks took power in 1917, they saw themselves as a temporary avantgarde of the global revolutionary movement. Thus the approval of their politics by Western socialist leaders was absolutely crucial to the Bolsheviks’ self-understanding as well as to their legitimisation of rule. This brochures, hastily compiled and published in 1918, bears witness to this. It features Bolshevik-friendly statements and articles by the revolutionary wing of Western social democracy, including German veterans Franz Mehring and Clara Zetkin. Angelica Balabanoff is also incloded, even though she was already living in Soviet Russia at that point. Note the use of old orthography as well as the publishing house’s catalogue on the last page.

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A. Rykow – Die Wirtschaftslage der Sowjet-Union (1924)

author: Rykov, Aleksei Ivanovich, 1881-1938
title: Die Wirtschaftslage der Sowjet-Union [The Economic Situation of the Soviet Union]
published: Berlin : Führer-Verlag
year: 1924
pages: 32
language: German
scan: pdf, 32 pages, OCR, 2.3 mb
download link: here

info: German translation of the official report on the economic situation of the Soviet Union, presented by Aleksei Rykov, chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars, at the 6th Trade Union Congress.

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V. Maiakovskii – Stikhi o revoliutsii (1923)

author: Maiakovskii, Vladimir, 1893-1930
title: Stikhi o revoliutsii [Poems About Revolution]
published: Moskva : Krasnaia nov’
year: 1923
pages: 124
language: Russian
scan: pdf, 128 pages, full color, OCR, 19.6 mb
download link: here

info: Poetry collection of Vladimir Maiakovskii, Soviet Russia’s most famous revolutionary poet. Of course, the poems are all well-known and translated into all languages imaginable, but here’s a chance to browse through the book as Soviet readers in 1923 did.

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P. Levi – Das Verhältnis von Verwaltungsbeschwerde und Verwaltungsklage (1905)

author: Levi, Paul, 1883-1930
title: Das Verhältnis von Verwaltungsbeschwerde und Verwaltungsklage. Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doctorwürde der hohen juristischen Fakultät der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität zu Heidelberg [The Relation Between Administrative Complaint and Administrative Appeal. Doctoral Dissertation at the Faculty of Law of the Ruprecht-Karl-University at Heidelberg]
published: Heidelberg : Buchdruckerei von Karl Rössler
year: 1905
pages: 39
language: German
scan: pdf, 39 pages, full color, OCR, 12.5 mb
download link: here

info: Not a left brochure in any meaningful sense, but nevertheless a highly interesting artifact of the Communist movement. This is the doctoral dissertation of Paul Levi, lawyer and co-founder of the Communist Party of Germany. For a selection of Levi’s later Marxist writings in English, see the excellent collection in the HM book series, now available in paperback. [On a sidenote, these were quite astonishing times where you could obtain a doctoral degree with a thesis of 38 pages…]

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Das Bündnis der Bauern und Arbeiter (1924)

title: Das Bündnis der Bauern und Arbeiter. Ein Referat mit Diskussion über die Resultate des Agrarumsturzes für die russische Bauernschaft gehalten auf dem Ersten Weltkongreß der Bauern in Moskau vom 10.-16. Oktober 1923 [The Unity of Peasants and Workers. A Report with Debate about the Results of the Agrarian Revolution für the Russian Peasantry, Held at the First World Congress of Peasants in Moscow, 10-16 October 1923]
published: Berlin : Verlag Neues Dorf
year: 1924
pages: 23
language: German
scan: pdf, 24 pages, OCR, 2.4 mb
download link: here

info: Discussion at the founding congress of the Krestintern, the Comintern-affiliated Peasant International.

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August Bebel special

Here is a bunch of six brochures I recently scanned at our university library and uploaded to archive.org. Containing several speeches by August Bebel (1840-1913), one of the founders of German social democracy and a genuine worker-intellectual, they are bibliophile treasures and prove a fascinating reading at the same time.

“Unsere wirtschaftliche und politische Lage. Rede des deutschen Reichstagsabgeordneten August Bebel. Gehalten im Dezember 1892 im Kasino Zürich III. Nach stenogr. Aufnahme des Stolz” (2nd ed., Zürich 1893)
“Reichstagsrede des Reichstagsabgeordneten Aug. Bebel gehalten am 28.November 1891 bei der Berathung des Reichshaushaltsetat 1892/93. Nach dem stenographischen Bericht” (Ottensen 1891)
“Attentate und Sozialdemokratie. Nach einer Rede von August Bebel gehalten am Mittwoch, den 2. November 1898 zu Berlin” (Berlin 1898)
“Die bevorstehende Reichstagswahl. Rede von August Bebel gehalten auf dem Münchener Parteitage am 19. September 1902” (Berlin 1902)
“Der nationalliberale Parteitag und die Sozialdemokratie. Rede des Reichstagsabgeordneten August Bebel in der Volksversammlung vom 16. Oktober 1907 in “Kellers Festsälen” in Berlin” (Berlin 1907)
“Sozialdemokratie und Zentrum. Eine Rede Bebels in Bamberg. Mit einem Anhang zur Wahlagitation: Die Sünden des Zentrums” (Berlin 1903)

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H. Cunow – Partei-Zusammenbruch? (1915)

author: Cunow, Heinrich, 1862-1936
title: Partei-Zusammenbruch? Ein offenes Wort zum inneren Parteistreit [The Party’s Breakdown? An Open Word Concerning the Party’s Inner Conflict]
published: Berlin : Buchhandlung Vorwärts Paul Singer G.m.b.H.
year: 1915
pages: 38
language: German
scan: pdf, 42 pages, full color, OCR, 14.6 mb
download link: here

info: Another brochure on the crisis of social democracy following the catastrophe of 1914. This time it’s Heinrich Cunow, ethnologist and representative of the imperialist wing within the SPD during WW1, trying to justify the party majority’s stand on the war from a Marxist standpoint. Note the chauvinist advert at the end of the book.

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J. Borchardt – Vor und nach dem 4. August… (1919)

author: Borchardt, Julian, 1868-1932
title: Vor und nach dem 4. August 1914. Hat die deutsche Sozialdemokratie abgedankt? [Before and After August 4, 1914. Did German Social Democracy Give Itself Up?]
published: Berlin : Verlag der Lichtstrahlen
year: 1919 (4th ed.)
pages: 32
language: German
scan: pdf, 32 pages, full color, OCR, 11 mb
download link: here

info: Julian Borchardt, social democratic journalist, educator and one-time deputee of the Prussian parliament, left the SPD in 1914. The circle around his journal “Lichtstrahlen – Zeitschrift für Internationalen Kommunismus” (“Rays of Light – Journal for International Communism”) was one of the nuclei from which the KPD was formed a few years later. This pamphlet by Borchardt, first issued in 1915, is a polemical and lucid denounciation of the mainstream social democracy’s betrayal in 1914.

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M. Tomskii – Abhandlungen über die Gewerkschaftsbewegung… (1921)

author: Tomskii, Mikhail Pavlovich, 1880-1936
title: Abhandlungen über die Gewerkschaftsbewegung in Russland [Writings on the Trade Union Movement in Russia]
published: [Petrograd] : Verlag der Kommunistischen Internationale
year: 1921
pages: 64
language: German
scan: pdf, 64 pages, full color, OCR, 28 mb
download link: here

info: A short informational brochure on Soviet trade unions by Mikhail Tomskii, veteran worker Bolshevik and leading early Soviet trade unionist, later ousted from power by Stalin and killed in the Great Terror. Even though the brochure clearly represents a highly idealised and official view on Soviet trade unions, it still contains some crucial facts and figures for historians.

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