as a historian of left politics, you deal with them quite a lot: brochures, leaflets and similar printed production. the basic medium of every historical social movement, produced with lots of risk and effort, and often an eye-catcher. you go to libraries all over the world, scan them, utilise them to write your texts – and then what? let them dust on your harddrive? but why? since their copyright mostly expired (if they were under copyright at all), why not put them up on archive.org and share them with historians and activists alike?..

what you will find here are scans of historical brochures from all kinds of movements that can be associated with the political left – anarchists, social democrats, communists… scans that we do ourselves as well as some well-chosen ones that are already on archive.org will be posted here.

the brochures are provided for historical research and collecting purposes, and do not reflect the opinion of the site and the people behind it. for that reason you also may find e.g. stalinist brochures here, eventhough their belonging into the political left is highly questionable.

if you are a historian, activist or collector and want to share material, please do get in touch.

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