Politicheskii slovar’ (1924)

slovareditor: El’tsin, Boris Mikhailovich, 1875-1937
title: Politicheskii slovar’. Kratkoe nauchno-populiarnoe tolkovanie slov / Политический словарь. Краткое научно-популярное толкование слов [Political Dictionary. Short Popular-Scientific Explanation of Terms]
published: Moskva-Leningrad : Krasnaia nov’
year: 1924 (2nd ed.)
pages: 400
language: Russian
scan: pdf, 401 pages, b/w, OCR, 50 mb
download link: here

info: Not only the general population, but also many rank and file party members had a hard time trying to understand the official Bolshevik discourse, with its terms coming from Marxism, economics, international diplomacy etc., as well as a vast amount of foreign words and cryptic abbreviations. Getting understood was always a dilemma for the Bolsheviks, and they tried to counter it in several ways. One of them was this popular book – something between a dictionary and an encyclopedia, explaining the reader basic concepts of Bolshevik thought as well as providing explanations for foreign words and presenting short biographies of the main foreign and domestic characters that dominated the press. It’s a fascinating source to see how the Bolsheviks wanted certain terms and concepts to be understood. The editor, Boris El’tsin (written with Э, not Е, unlike the much later politician), was a member of the Left Opposition and a friend of Victor Serge.

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