G. Zinov’ev – Two brochures on Lenin

zino-leninHere are two brochures on Lenin, written by his close collaborator and Comintern head, Grigorii Zinov’ev. The first one, printed in Germany by the famous radical publishing house “Malik-Verlag” (run by Wieland Herzfelde, brother of John Heartfield), includes the speech that Zinov’ev gave about Lenin shortly after Fanny Kaplan’s assasination attempt in 1918. The other brochure, printed by one of the Comintern’s publishing houses in Vienna, include Zinov’evs obituary speech after Lenin’s death. Both constitute early examples of the cult-like veneration of Lenin by the Bolsheviks.

Georg Sinowjew: N. Lenin. Sein Leben und seine Tätigkeit. Berlin : Der Malik-Verlag, 1920. (=Kleine revolutionäre Bibliothek. 1).

G. Sinowjew: Lenin. 23.IV.1870 – 21.I.1924. Wien : Verlag für Literatur und Politik, 1924.

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