P. Levi – Sachverständigen-Gutachten und was dann? (1924)

author: Levi, Paul, 1883-1930
title: Sachverständigen-Gutachten und was dann? Zur innen- und außenpolitischen Orientierung [Expert Report – And What Next? An Orientation in Domestic and Foreign Policy]
published: Berlin : Zentralvertrieb zeitgeschichtlicher Bücher G.m.b.H.
year: 1924
pages: 64
language: German
scan: pdf, 62 pages, full color, OCR, 24 mb
download link: here

info: Paul Levi, founder and former leader of the German Communist Party, here writing on diverse domestic and international matters after having been expelled from the party. The title refers to the discussion around German reparations.

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