Germaniia pered Oktiabrem (1923)

title: Германия перед Октябрем. Памятка агитатора [Germany on the Eve of October.  Agitator’s Guidelines]
published: Moskva-Petrograd : Molodaia gvardiia
year: 1923
pages: 34
language: Russian
scan: pdf, 38 pages, photographed, OCR, 8 mb
download link: here

info: In the autumn of 1923, with the all-embracing crisis in Germany, the Bolsheviks believed that the country was on the eve of revolution. Not only did they undertake major efforts of supporting the German communists, but also they undertook a large-scale campaign to prepare the Soviet population for a forthcoming “Soviet Germany”. This brochure was aimed at Komsomol activists, giving them some facts about the German crisis and some arguments concerning the future of the Soviet Union being dependent of a successful German revolution. Since the “German October” did not come true, the campaign was over fairly soon, much to the disappointment of the youthful activists. For a recent scholarly article on this affair, see here.

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