W. Münzenberg – Der Kampf und Sieg der Bolschewiki (1919)

author: Münzenberg, Willi, 1889-1940
title: Der Kampf und Sieg der Bolschewiki [The Struggle and the Victory of the Bolsheviks]
published: Stuttgart-Degerloch: Spartakus Buchdruckerei und Verlag
year: 1919 (3d ed.)
pages: 33
language: German
scan: pdf, 18 pages, ocr, 2.5 mb
download link: here

info: Willi Münzenberg, who later became the chief propagandist of the Comintern, rebelled against Stalin in 1939 and dies a mysterious death in 1940, wrote this simple brochure in defense of the Bolshevik revolution in 1919, while being in prison. A conference exploring Münzenberg and his solidarity networks will take place in Berlin during the next two days – for more information, see here.

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