H. Bobst – Verteidigung der Sowjetunion, Wie? (1935)

author: Bobst, Hermann, 1886-1961
title: Verteidigung der Sowjetunion – wie? Eine notwendige Auseinandersetzung mit den sozialdemokratischen und kommunistischen Führern [Defense of the Soviet Union – How? A Necessary Argument with the Social-Democratic and Communist Leaders]
published: Zürich : Ruppli
year: 1935
pages: 32
language: German
scan: pdf, 18 pages, ocr, 2.4 mb
download link: here

info: Rather confusing Trotskyist brochure, argueing at the same time against Stalin’s “Socialism in one country”, for the defense of the Soviet Union, and for trade relations between the USSR and Switzerland.

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