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Materialy 2-go Vserossiiskogo Soveshchaniia… (1923)

title: Материалы 2-го Всероссийского Совещания работников среди женщин восточных народностей, 22-28 марта 1923 г. // Materialy 2-go Vserossiiskogo Soveshchaniia rabotnikov sredi zhenshchin vostochnykh narodnostei, 22-28 marta 1923 g. [Proceedings of the 2nd All-Russian Conference of Functionaries for Work Among Eastern … Continue reading

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G. Plechanow – Anarchismus und Sozialismus (1904)

author: Plekhanov, Georgii Valentinovich, 1856-1918 title: Anarchismus und Sozialismus [Anarchism and Socialism] published: Berlin : Expedition der Buchhandlung Vorwärts year: 1904 (2nd ed.) pages: 84 language: German scan: pdf, 43 pages, ocr, 7.4 mb download link: here info: Anti-anarchist tract … Continue reading

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H. Gorter – Die Weltrevolution (1920)

author: Gorter, Herman, 1864-1927 title: Die Weltrevolution [The World Revolution] published: Amsterdam : J. Bos year: [1920] pages: 96 language: German / Dutch scan: pdf, 53 pages, ocr, 7.2 mb download link: here

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Nia Standardo (1922), No. 2

title: Nia Standardo published: Moskva : Komunista IDO-Federuro Internaciona (Kifintern) year: 1922 pages: 16 language: Ido (!) scan: pdf, 16 pages, ocr, 1.2 mb download link: here Info: A journal published by Communist adherents of Ido, an artificial langauge that … Continue reading

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